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  • Breast Augmentation

    If you are interested in increasing your breast size, Dr. Howard Holderness may recommend breast augmentation. Also referred to as breast enlargement, this procedure is designed to enhance your natural proportions and help you feel more confident in your appearance. Our skilled plastic surgeon is committed to providing you with natural-looking, beautiful results.

  • Breast Lift

    Mastopexy, which is more commonly known as a breast lift, may be a good option for you if you are interested in improving the appearance of sagging, deflated breasts. Over time, your breasts may have begun to sag and droop because of pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight changes, gravity, heredity, and the normal aging process. In a breast lift, we reshape and lift the breasts to help you achieve a more youthful appearance and a more attractive breast shape.

  • Breast Reconstruction

    Breast reconstruction is a procedure used to restore the shape, size, and appearance of the breast after mastectomy. Several surgical techniques are available to restore the breast and help you achieve a more natural appearance. During your consultation with Dr. Howard Holderness, we will determine which of our surgical procedures and techniques are best suited to your personal needs and desires. 

  • Breast Reduction

    Each year, many women choose to have breast reduction surgery. Large breasts can limit activities and clothing options, as well as causing back, neck, and shoulder pain. Dr. Howard Holderness is pleased to offer breast reduction procedures, also called reduction mammoplasty, to help you achieve the breast size you desire.